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About Us

Experios creates fun experiences that are best played together.

Founded in 2018 by Nick Postma, the team at Experios is always looking for new and innovate ways to excite.


Experios initially started as City Discovery in 2019, offering an outdoor experience to discover Melbourne by solving challenges as a team.


With the start of the pandemic, operations were shifted to online escape rooms under the Virtual Escape name. On 12 November 2020 Experios was officially registered and launched.

The first online escape room released was named Time’s Ticking.

The next game released was Ben’s Big Heist, where players had to help a cleaner named Ben to rob a bank and retrieve money he thinks is rightfully his. Ben’s Big Heist received an award for Best Puzzle Design 2020, by ESCAPETHEROOMers.


In January 2021 Time’s Ticking Jr got added, followed by Jack’s Hangover in late March 2021. Mayday was added in 2022, whilst Blackeye’s Treasure is the latest game to be released.


All of the Experios online escape rooms take 60 minutes to complete and are played in teams of 2-6 players. Players must work together to find hidden clues, solve puzzles, and “escape the room”. As it is an online escape room, it can be played from anywhere in the world, as long as players have a stable internet connection and are on the same video call. 

What makes the Experios online escape rooms unique:

Our games are popular with escape room fanatics, groups of friends and as team building activities for corporate clients.

Our Team

Experios is a Melbourne based scale-up.

Founded in 2018 by Nick Postma, the team at Experios currently consists of the following team members:

Key Highlights

Since staring in 2019 Experios has had many highlights, including:



A snapshot of images from different Experios products.
More in-game screenshots available on request.

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