Virtual Trivia

Get ready for a fun game of online trivia, with a twist

It's time to test your brains, or your luck

Unique Features

Click And Play

Start a fun and challenging trivia in minutes

Quality Content

Lots of questions across different categories

Trivia Maker

Easily add your own questions in minutes


Use power-ups for extra time, points or to sabotage

No Phone Required

Use your computer to play trivia, no phone needed

Team Building Experts

Motivate your team with a fun and inclusive event

Ready for some tricky questions!?

Virtual Trivia is the online platform packed full of funny, strange and tricky questions. A great way to connect with others and test your knowledge.


 For any group size

Play with friends, family or your colleagues, no matter the group size.


 Get started in minutes
To play Virtual Trivia, all you need is a computer or tablet with Chrome or Edge.


 With a twist
Virtual Trivia is not your regular trivia, it comes with power-ups for an extra dimension.

Hours of fun!

Virtual Trivia offers quality content, from a wide range of categories.
Great fun for both young and old!


 Lots of categories
Offering all your favourite categories such as the 70s, Geography, Pop Culture, Science and many more.


 Ready-made collections
Choose from loads of pre-made collections of questions or add your own.


 Plenty of questions
Features lots of questions ready to answer, and we’ll keep adding more.

Our Trivia Options

Max Players: 25
Valid For 10 days

Perfect for smaller groups to play some quick games of Virtual Trivia.


Contains all features and it’s completely free!

Completely free!

Max Players: 50

Valid For 30 days

Got a bigger group that’s up for some trivia?


Our Large pack is perfect for a team event for up to 50 people at once.

Only $45!

Max Players: 100

Valid For 60 days

With the Pro pack you can host a fun event of trivia for up to 100 people at once.


Create your own trivia and play for up to 60 days.

Only $99!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions below.

What is required to play Virtual Trivia?

To play Virtual Trivia, you’ll need a computer with Google Chrome / Edge and a video call.
Virtual Trivia is played through our online trivia portal. Use the Test Connection button to make sure you have access.

Mobile phones are not yet supported.

How long are the codes valid for?

Depending on which pack you purchase, game codes are valid for a set number of days.
The expiry time starts from the moment you first log in.

How many people can play at the same time?

Depending on which pack you purchase, a maximum number of people can play at the same time.
We currently don’t offer an upgrade option, so make sure you choose the right pack!

Can I create my own trivia with my own questions?

You sure can! Use our Trivia Maker to create your own collections.
Each collection consists of a set of questions to answer. You can also add images to questions.

Is this suitable as a team building event?

Yes! Our escape rooms are made for it.
Email us to find out more!

How Can We Help?

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